Speeding Up Green Energy Technology

14th April 2015

As 64 Energy has been championing since the beginning, the key to genuine innovation and creativity when it comes to renewable energies is the speed with which society can accept the changes. This week, The Guardian has been reporting on the development of sustainable technologies around the world, and just how long it can take for these technologies, regardless of their potential, to make a difference.

Technology has evolved astronomically across the board and we are, by and large, in a better place as a population. Cars can travel faster and further; computer memory can hold more with less space; and both telephones and computers have merged and become small enough to carry around in our pockets. Yet the energy industry still seems in its relative infancy, with governments sometimes valuing the burning of fossil fuels over major renewable breakthroughs, despite their countless advantages.

As stated in the article, “we need to use technology in a smarter way, prioritising  sustainable innovations that will create a safer future.” 64 Energy are one of the shining lights in this regard, with our revolutionary solar energy and eco funding programmes, allowing consumers to really take control of both how they consume energy, and how it’s produced. With this increased agency, we are seeing more and more people take the decision to go green, rather than continue to support an archaic and wasteful alternative.