Eco Funding Scheme to Halve Energy Bills

16th April 2015

A community in Burton-on-Trent are set to drastically reduce their monthly outgoings following a groundbreaking upgrade scheme to much of the social housing in the area. The programme will see ground source heat pumps installed into 133 properties within just three months.

The work is being carried out by Kensa Heat Pumps, and will see each house on the 15 sites connected to a central ground heating network, providing all heating and hot water.

This replacement of the old electric systems will effectively half the monthly utility bills of each household.

The location of the sites has made them eligible for ECO Funding under the Carbon Saving Community Obligation, without which the project would not have got off the ground.

To find out more about ECO Funding, and how you could save, please contact 64 Energy today.