Welcome to 64 Energy

We’d like to take a moment to welcome you to the brand new 64 Energy website. For 30 years, 64 Energy has been at the forefront of energy management and… Read more »

24th May 2016

Eco Funding Scheme to Halve Energy Bills

A community in Burton-on-Trent are set to drastically reduce their monthly outgoings following a groundbreaking upgrade scheme to much of the social housing in the area. The programme will see… Read more »

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16th April 2015

Speeding Up Green Energy Technology

As 64 Energy has been championing since the beginning, the key to genuine innovation and creativity when it comes to renewable energies is the speed with which society can accept… Read more »

14th April 2015

64 Energy Rebrand

In recent months we have been in discussion with a stock exchange listed company, Homeserve PLC, over the similarities in our company names and the inevitable confusion that has arisen…. Read more »

6th March 2014